• Facade along Washington Avenue
    Facade along Washington Avenue
  • Facade along Washington Avenue_2
    Facade along Washington Avenue_2
  • View from campus
    View from campus
  • Completed renovation
    Completed renovation
  • Renovated view
    Renovated view
  • Renovated classroom
    Renovated classroom
  • Renovated lounge
    Renovated lounge
  • Renovated laboratory
    Renovated laboratory
  • Renovated laboratory_2
    Renovated laboratory_2
  • Renovated view from northeast
    Renovated view from northeast
  • Bycycle / Pedestrian Mall and Transit
    Bycycle / Pedestrian Mall and Transit
  • Building facade
    Building facade
  • Building facade_2
    Building facade_2
Amundson Hall Gore Annex


East Bank
This project will construct a 41,140 gross square feet addition to the north side of Amundson Hall with four stories above grade and two stories below grade and renovate the 6,676 square feet departmental office on the first floor of Amundson Hall. The addition provides needed flexible chemical laboratories, offices, and collaborative spaces.
Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Total Square Footage: 
41,140 SqFt (approx.)
Project Cost: 
$29.7M (approx.)
Start Date: 
June, 2012
Completion Date: 
September, 2014